We are happy to hear of your interest in our puppies. Please fill out the application and after review we will reach out. Your Reservation Fee can be made via Cash App


There is a Limited Health Guarantee: The buyer is given 48 hours from the date the puppy listed above leaves the seller to visit licensed veterinarian for a check-up. No puppy is guaranteed to be worm or parasite free and are also not guaranteed against coccidia, hernias, hypoglycemia, parvo, thin coat, improper bite, infertility, undescended testicle, kennel cough, or any condition that can be treated by veterinarian. If this puppy is found to have an irreversible genetic defect that will affect the puppy’s quality of life and/ or its life expectancy, the seller will replace the puppy listed above with a puppy of equal value provided the buyer returns the puppy listed above with a puppy of equal value provided the buyer returns the puppy listed above and all the paperwork including the veterinarians findings in writing within 24 hours of the findings. The seller reserves the right to have the puppy listed above reexamined by a veterinarian of our choice for a second opinion before a replacement puppy is offered. Genetic guarantee is good until the puppy purchased is 2 years of age (Date of birth will be listed on contract.) ONLY. The seller DO NOT assume or agree to any responsibility for the puppy listed above after it exchanges hands with the buyer such as: Veterinarian bills, medical expenses, sickness to any human or other animal, disagreement with family-friends-roommates or landlord, change of heart or for any other reason. The seller is not responsible for attorney or court fees of any kind. Any estimate of a puppy’s size or color is just an estimate and is not guaranteed. It is also understood that there is no other guarantee or representation made on or for the puppy listed above.

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