CKC Female | F1 Medium Aussiedoodle

Nola loves to run around playing with all of Melanie’s kids.  Watching television holds her attention and listening to music seems to relax her.  Nola loves being held and going out with the family on different types of outings.  


CKC Female | F1 Black Goldendoodle

Shadow loves water, walks and fetch! Shadow graduated from level 1 dog training and is beginning level 2. She loves children and can be found most days snuggled up with one of Melanie’s three children.


CKC Female | F1 Cockapoo

Brooklyn has been the perfect little pup sister to Shadow. She loves to play in her ball pit and late night snuggles. She also loves soft blankets and plush toys!


AKC/CKC Female | Parti Moyen Poodle

Bailey enjoys taking walks and loves when extended family comes to visit. She gets so much love and attention while living with Melanie’s sister-in-law in Dallas.


AKC/CKC Male | Parti Moyen Poodle

Bourbon is the newest addition to Alicia’s family. Alex has stepped up and loves taking care of feeding and play time every single day.  Arlo is also excited to have a little brother running around the house.


CKC Male | F1B Red Goldendoodle

Arlo has been well socialized since birth and has lived his life close to his best friend and handler, Alex. They are each other’s constant support and witnessing their bond has been beyond amazing. 


AKC/CKC Male | Red Mini Poodle

Austin is beyond spoiled with love and attention from everyone. His sweet personality makes it effortless to fall in love at first sight. He spends most of his days playing hide and go seek with Ayden and receiving endless hugs from Alex.