Guardian Home

Guardians participate in our breeding program by receiving the pick of the litter puppy at a reduced price. You raise your puppy in your home and The OOdle Chemists will cover the cost associated with breeding.

The Guardian will receive funds for each litter for up to four litters. Once the breeding dog is retired, The OOdle Chemists will spay/neuter and transfer full rights to the Guardian to raise as your pet. 

How it Works….


Receive Pick of the Litter Puppy chosen by The OOdle Chemists


Love and Socialize your puppy


Inform us of first heat cycle


Inform us of second heat cycle.


OOdle Chemists breed and care for all needs for a week.


Pick of litter lives with Melanie or Alicia about one week before delivery.


Guardian received pick of litter back 7 – 8 weeks after puppies are delivered.

Guardian Requirements: You must live within 60 miles of Houston, TX in order to be considered. Contact Us to discuss the terms of our Guardian Agreement.