What is the process for owning my puppy?

First you will need to see what litters and up and coming and fill out an application of who’s litter you are interested in having a puppy from. Once the application is submitted, your approval or rejection will come via e-mail. We may call if we have additional questions about you, your home and family. If you are approved the Oodle Chemists will request you fill out the reservation agreement and pay the reservation fee. At that point you are on the waiting list. We go from the top of the waitlist down on applicants picking puppies. Please reach out to Oodle Chemists if you have any further questions.

What are the transportation options?

Airport pickup at IAH or HOB Houston, TX Airports. Meeting place within 50 miles of
Houston, TX. Flight Nanny services to airport in your hometown.

How soon can I own my puppy?

USDA requires a puppy to be a minimum of 8-weeks old before going to furever family.
We can schedule your puppy’s pickup or travel for any day after the puppy turns 8
weeks old. Our Team will work to arrange travel around your schedule.

What is included in my puppy package?

All health documents including immunization records in a custom folder for each family, 1 year genetic health guarantee details, puppy food package, basic training instructions, going home instructions, blanket with mom’s scent.

How do you socialize your puppies?

Early socialization (birth – 3 weeks) primarily consists of maternal socialization,
meaning they are taught by their mother. Human socialization begins at 3 weeks with
petting and light play from mostly adults. Maternal socialization continues throughout the socialization interactions. At 6 weeks, puppies are introduced to children of varying ages and in different environments to ensure they can adapt to change. At 7 weeks, puppies meet other adult dogs and are also encouraged to interact with other animals.

What size will my puppy be?

Weight ranges will be given with each litter and is dependent on the size of the parents.
Weight specifics for all parents can be found on our parent page.